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Wayne and Nancy Olivet Advocates

How alumni find simple ways to share their love of Olivet

Olivet is in search of advocates — folks who spread the good word about the University and find ways to support our students and our mission. While some advocates give financial support to projects and scholarships, others might recommend prospective students or even be a source of job and internship opportunities. But — as the stories here demonstrate — being an advocate for Olivet could be even simpler.

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What are the main functions of an Olivet Alumni Chapter?

  • To increase alumni participation in being enthusiastic advocates for the University
  • To validate and bring added value to their degree of friendship with the University
  • To increase alumni awareness of the progress and needs of the University


How are these functions carried out within an Alumni Chapter?

Olivet alumni create first chapters of advocacy

Olivet Nazarene University alumni in Denver, Nashville and Dallas are gearing up to launch Alumni




Nic & Marci Alle

The Kansas City Chapter Leadership team will be hosting a “Going Back to School Party,” for area students and their families who will be freshmen or returning students this Fall at Olivet. On Saturday, August 15, at 6:00, Nic and Marci Allen will be hosting a cookout. The cost will be $10 per person. There will be no formal program, but a chance to show support and give best wishes and prayers to our area ONU students.

You need to RSVP online at or call 815-939-5255.




Red Robin

Join alumni and friends from around the Kansas City area for fun, food, and fellowship. We will also get an update from Olivet from Denny Williamson, ONU’s Alumni President. The cost is $13 per person.

You need to RSVP online at or call 815-939-5255.

About Alumni Chapters

Alumni chapters are regional groups within the Olivet Alumni Association. They encourage Olivet alumni to remain connected with each other and the University. Chapters inspire and educate alumni to be advocates for the University and provide tangible measures of support and encouragement for current Olivet students, faculty and staff. This site informs you about chapter locations and activities and provides information on how you can participate.